Compound Bow PSE Stinger 'X' Target

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PSE 2016 Stinger 'X' Compound Bow - Target

This bow is a great quick and accurate workhorse with split limbs.

Have 60#  RH in stock. The 60# bow has sufficient adjustment to allow for just about any teenager and is a really spot on first target bow. Single Cam means very little tuning with PSE reliability 

Equipment: Long Stabilizer, Cartel Focus 9" sight (Can be modified to take scope), wrist sling, peep sight,' D' loop with nockset, Release aid, 6 full carbon arrows fitted with pin nock. Launcher Arrow Rest, Side Quiver, Bow Bag and arrow tube. (By buying the pack the saving is $100 cheaper than buying items individually)

(The bow pictured is the old model 3G Stinger)



  • Brace Height 7 3/4"
  • Axle to axle 33"
  • ATA/IBO 316fps @ 60#
  • Letoff - 75%
  • Weight 4.7lbs
  • Draw length range 21 - 30"
  • Draw weight 60# and 70#



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