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Redzone Compound Bow  Falcon

Specifications 40 - 60# Bow,Right Hand $320 

5 pin fibre optic sight, Camo 6 arrow quiver, Peep sight, Brush arrow rest, Nockset and 'D' loop and six full carbon arrows. Bow press required to change draw length will set before you leave. Release aid $25 extra


2 Pin Sight, Peep sight, target 'antelope' type arrow rest, nockset and 'D' loop, Short stabiliser, 6 carbon arrows and release aid $315


Redzone Compound Bow Raven - Black 40 - 65# LEFT HAND $275

5 pin Fibre Optic Sight, Black Quiver, Peep Sight, Brush Arrow rest, Nockset, D loop and 6 Full carbon arrows. No bow press required for draw length adjustment 


Cheap bow with good draw weight,Camo

  • Brace Height 8"
  • Axle to axle 40"
  • Draw length range 25" - 29"
  • Falcon to 31"
  • Fitted withpeep sight, 3 brush arrow rest.5 pin sight

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