Compound Bow PSE Stinger 'X' Field Ready

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PSE Stinger  X Compound Bow Field Ready  60# Blue 

Equipment level: Peep sight, Quiver, (On bow ), Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, wrist sling, stabilizer, nock set, 'D' loop, six 340 spine arrows, Bow Bag, Release aid. 

Quick and accurate workhorse with split limbs.  In Stock 1 x LH Camo 70#.  blue skullworks 60#, 70#  Right Hand Camo 2 in stock


  • Brace Height 7 3/4"
  • Axle to axle 33"
  • ATA/IBO 319 max
  • Letoff - 75%
  • Weight 4.7lbs
  • Draw length range 25.5 - 30.5"
  • Draw weight 60# and 70#



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