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Longbow  Flagella
Longbow of 45# Draw weight. Shoot off the knuckles, Laminated wood (Mahogany)/Fibreglass, Th..
Longbow Cartel Epic
New model longbow in light wood, which is probably maple, with black Fibreglass co..
Longbow Cobow Solid Cottoneaster
COBOW Longbow Cottoneaster wood barebow (use hand as rest) 55#,67".Dark brown, I a..
Longbow Klaus (Viper)
Standard model longbow in light wood or Cedar finish. Clear glass overlay and leat..
Longbow Klaus Deluxe
Deluxe model longbow in the dark wood finish. Clear glass overlay and leather laced grip. Sm..
Longbow Shortbow Tradional 1.5m
Deluxe model longbow (Shortbow)  This bow has a very distinct recurve at the end of the..

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