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Established in 2005 and located in Melbourne's outer east, my aim is to be available when other suppliers aren't and provide equipment at a reasonable price. I was previously employed as a Police Sen.Const for over 33 years, which I hope fosters some confidence in my honesty and integrity.I have a number of very competent Compound bows from 30# up. Have in stock Cartel 'Infitec'recurve bows with complete range of colours and many different weight limbs in stock.I also have a fond interest in Longbows, (which I design and make from local and imported materials), as well as imported longbows, Cartel Epic and Klaas, Flagella Dei. Available at any reasonable hour by telephone, and monitor email several times a day.  If not in the shop I will contact you ASAP on receiving any communication.


Steve McKrell (who started this business) is pictured above right testing the 'COBOW' compound bow is a current State and National record holder. He says of the COBOW. "The bow is a light, smooth drawing, quiet and very capable bow, with a draw weight of 30 to 50# and I highly recommend it." I always have a good stock of COBOW 50# and 70# bows and they are very capable bows. In three years, no returns! Steve remains part of the business as technical adviser. We have a network of suppliers and can obtain just about any bow (or any accessory on sale in Australia) within 7 days.

I have in stock a large range of Compound, Recurve and Longbows, Horsebows, arrows, quivers, nocks, vanes, sights, scopes, points, arrow rests, etc. and tools. Also in stock many natural barred turkey feathers for those who want the 'real deal" on their longbow arrows. I believe we have in stock at all times enough accessories to outfit the junior to experienced archer, whatever your chosen field of Archery. Bow Bag $25 normally $45 with every compound bow sold over winter 2017 - offer ends 31/8/17

If you have a bow or equipment in mind give me a ring and I'll see if I can better your quoted price!

Archery Range  

Interested, curious, want to try out a bow before you buy? I have a 20m range on site and several test bows compound, longbow and horsebows! Give us a call we almost certainly have what you need.***** Now have Digital Chronograph to check arrow speed $20 for 10 shots - needs to be dull overcast day.


All compound bows whether bought on line or 'pick up' will be set for centre shot and sighted in. If you are buying on line, give me age, height and weight I will set up bow, centre shot, draw length and draw weight to suit approximately. Attend at the shop and I will spend as long as it takes advising what to buy, setting up and adjusting the sight for 10 and 20 metres (No Charge) all part of the service.



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