Compound Bow Horizone Air Bourne

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Horizone Air Bourne Compound Bow Field Ready  40 - 70#

Equipment level: Peep sight, Quiver, (On bow ), Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, wrist sling, stabilizer, nock set, 'D' loop, six 340 spine arrows, Bow Bag, Release aid. 

Quick and accurate workhorse with split limbs. Out of stock and unavailable from distributor - (consider PSE Stinger 3G similar speed and all brand new).


  • Brace Height 7 "
  • Axle to axle 31"
  • ATA/IBO 31 max
  • Letoff - 75%
  • Weight 4.7lbs
  • Draw length range 25.5 - 30"
  • Draw weight max 70#



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